Oil - Turbidity – Particle in Water, Water in Oil Monitors

Continuous measurement of oil, turbidity, particle in water and water in oil. 5ppm or 15ppm bilge alarm approved to the IMO Resolution MEPC.107 (49). Certified by the US Coast Guard and other competent authorities from Germany, European Community, China, Russia, Canada and others.

Water-in-Oil Monitors and Systems

Water-in-Oil Monitors and Systems. Measurement of free Water in Oil.

Turbidity Meter

The TMD-90 Turbidity Monitoring Device has been designed specifically for measurement of turbidity (NTU) in water.


The OMD-2008 EV FC MCU is equipped with a Flow Sensor. The Flow Sensor is positioned in the Drain line of the Measuring Cell.

OMD-7 MKII Monitor with Sample Conditioning Unit, Sample Lift Pump and Air Compressor.

OMD-32A with Auto-Clean System

The OMD-32 Oil-in-Water Monitor has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with oil-water separator units.